Домой Новости Van repair: features

Van repair: features


Typical reasons why refrigerated vans and refrigerated vans may need to be repaired usually include a long service life of the equipment, long-term work under high loads, lack of timely maintenance and improper use. But there are also less pleasant situations, for example, getting injured when involved in a traffic accident or not following the rules for transporting goods. Most often, van owners turn to auto repair shops if necessary to remove minor cracks and scratches, as well as to carry out cosmetic repairs. Please note that here https://wevegotthekey.co.uk/van-locksmiths/ quality van repairs are carried out.

Features of repairing vans When it comes to the repair of gazelle vans made using sandwich technology, it assumes a complete replacement of the walls, which can consist of 3 or 5-layer panels, and the installation of an additional layer of plywood with a thickness of at least four millimeters. In a car workshop, walls can also be insulated using a more efficient heat insulator, for example, extruded polystyrene foam, which will significantly increase the isothermal qualities of vehicles.

The outer skin of the van is usually made of steel coated with zinc and polymers. If it is necessary to replace the lower part of the body, galvanized steel is also used, although it can be replaced with aluminum sheet or plywood for transport.

The employees of the repair and service workshops carried out a complete adjustment of the entire system of the van, plus lighting was carried out: internal, contour and overall. If the customer wishes, then inside the body the master will mount various mechanisms for securing the transported goods and install external tool boxes.


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